When buying a car, most people make this decision based on the budget. Although we know that it is a significant step, so is the test drive. It is important that the car you choose covers your needs (size, comfort, tastes, etc.) and the only way to know is to try it.

First of all, sit in the driver’s seat and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have enough space in my legs, hips and head?
  • Do I feel comfortable in the car?
  • Do I reach the pedals without having to stretch?
  • Can I easily read the car’s dashboard?
  • Can I accommodate the mirrors, eliminating blind spots?

Now that you have reviewed these details, change to the passenger sit and check the comfort of the seats. Check the space in each position and see if it meets your needs. For example, if you have small children or teenagers you need to know if they will be comfortable.

Action time!

  • When you do the driving test it is likely that the seller will suggest a pre-established route. It is interesting that you can make some changes in the route in order to test the car in different environments, as in the dam, accelerate it in a way that deserves it or even upload it on a hill. At that moment you can notice the following things in the car:
    1. Does the car accelerate as fast as you expect?
    2. Does the car have the power you expected?
    3. Does the brakes feel when applied?
    4. Does the car make too much noise?
    5. If it’s a manual transmission, did the clutch come in smooth?

  • When driving the car it is recommended that you don’t put music and that you bring the windows up, so you can hear the sounds made by the car.

Take a friend or family member

  • It is possible that you get excited as soon as you get in the car, and what to say the smell of a new car, but stay focused. Your friend can give you their honest opinion, also the seller will give you comments or clarify your doubts.

Questions to ask:

  • What type of gasoline use the car that catches your attention?
  • If you are looking for economy, which models offer better mileage vs the amount of gas?
  • Does it needs special maintenance and, of course, how many years of maintenance does the dealership offer you?
  • Are the pieces in Panama easy to get?
  • In terms of guarantee, what does the concessionaire cover?

Do several tests

  • Don’t do the test drive only with the car you like, give the opportunity to another car that can perform as expected. The tests are preferable that you do them the same day, so you can compare the cars.